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There are many excellent software developed abroad and distributed all over the world. Some of which, however, are not distributed in Japan simply because there is no distributor for them in Japan.
Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha Software Importing Service is available for buying such software easily and rapidly. All you have to do is informing us() of the software you are looking for (software name, manufacturer's name, its web site address, price etc.). We Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha will work for you as follows. Unless you finally put your order for the software on us, this service is free at all.

  1. We locate the manufacturer based on your information.

  2. We look for the representative or its official distributor in Japan. If there is such distributor, we tell you the contact of the distributor. In this case, we no longer touch the matter.

  3. If there is no distributor in Japan, we ask the manufacturer whether we can buy the software directly from them and the price.

  4. If we can buy the software directly from the manufacturer, we quote for you in Japanese Yen.

  5. When we receive your purchase order for the software, we buy, import, and deliver it to you with our invoice.

  Terms and Conditions

  • We will work simply as an importer and have no responsibility for the contents of software at all. We do not inherit manufacturer's obligation of supporting customer. Therefore, the customer should register directly to manufacturer to get their support and/or upgrade service directly from them.

  • The quotation consists of the price of the software, in currency of origin, multiplied by an appropriate exchange rate, shipping charge and Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha's handling charge.
   Actual Results (You can buy following software and many others through us)
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3D Surface View    [ ScienceGL ]
3D computer graphics for scientific visualization.Professional 3D Visualization Tools for fast surface inspection and measurement.
aiSee    [ AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH. ]
A calculator of a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL (graph description language)
AI Trilogy    [ Ward Systems Group, Inc. ]
A complete and discounted artificial intelligence toolkit
allClear Flowcharter    [ Proquis ]
A fast and effective way of mapping and visualizing processes.
ARM    [ Euxine Technologies ]
Advanced Recording Model-micro-magnetic modeling software package
ANUSPLIN    [ Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies ]
Providing a facility for transparent analysis and interpolation of noisy multi-variate data using thin plate smoothing splines
Beyond Compare    [ Scooter Software Inc. ]
An advanced file and folder comparison utility for Windows
Biotas    [ Ecological Software Solutions ]
A statistical and GIS tool for Windows(R) written for ecologists and resource professionals
BodyBuilder    [ WHITE ROCK SCIENCE ]
A computer program for the generation of human anthropomorphic phantoms of arbitrary age, from infant through adult
Budget Maestro    [ Centage Corporation ]
A complete budget planning and management software solution
Call Center Designer    [ Portage Communications, Inc. ]
A staffing, prediction, modeling, and analysis tool for your inbound call center
CANOCO    [ Microcomputer Power ]
A FORTRAN program for CANOnical Community Ordination
Carrara Pro    [ Eovia Corporation ]
A robust suite of modeling, animation and rendering tools wrapped in an intuitive user interface that experienced 3D art ists and novices alike will embrace
CHETAH    [ ASTM International ]
A Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation
Chez Scheme    [ Cadence Research Systems ]
A fast, reliable implementation of Scheme
Chief Architect    [ ART, Inc. ]
Professional Drafting & Design Software
CodeLogic    [ Logic Explorers, Inc. ]
A revolutionary system for discovering and graphically representing the deep, internal logic of any Java code
CompuSyn    [ ComboSyn Incorporated ]
For Single Drug and Drug Combinations
Dose-Effect Data from Enzymes, Receptors, Microorganisms, Cells and Animals
ConnectWare    [ PARKWAY Software GmbH ]
Allowing to use classical non-relational data storage (ISAM/VSAM) as real SQL database
Cortona    [ ParallelGraphics ]
The plug-in for MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, capable of browsing virtual worlds written in VRML.
Cortona SDK    [ ParallelGraphics ]
Allows for adding 3D capabilities into applications written in C/C++, Delphi, VB or HTML
DataGet software    [ Tescina, Inc. ]
Collecting data from gauges on Palm or Visor handheld
dBASE Plus    [ dBASE Inc ]
A set of tools, utilities and programming language bundled together to provide universal, fast, easy and reliable access to data- on the workstation, the LAN and over the Internet.
DICOM    [ Medical Connections ]
A collection of automation objects designed to assist the development of DICOM conformant applications for medical imaging
DRXWin•CreaFit    [ ICMUV ]
Graphycal and Analytical Tools for Powder XRD Patterns
DUAL3    [ ICMMA ]
Analysis of diverse data types using most up-to-date methodologies
EQS4WIN    [ MathtrekSystems ]
Chemical EQuilibruim Software 4 WINdows
EViews    [ Quantitative Micro Software ]
The standard for econometric analysis, forecasting, and modeling software
FermWorks    [ Jova Solutions, Inc. ]
A comprehensive software solution for distributed process control and data management for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical development
FineReader    [ ABBYY Software House ]
Convert paper documents and PDFs into editable files using award-winning ABBYY Optical Character Recognition technology
FLO++    [ Softflo ]
Computational Fluid Dynamics Software
FogBugz    [ Fog Creek Software, Inc. ]
A complete project management system designed to help software teams communicate
GAMS    [ GAMS Development Corp ]
General Algebraic Modeling System
Geochemist's Workbench    [ Aqueous Solutions LLC. ]
For Manipulating Chemical Reactions, Calculating Stability
GPMAW    [ Lighthouse Data ]
General Protein/Mass Analysis for Windows
GraphPad Prism    [ GraphPad Software ]
A powerful combination of biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing
GSOLVER    [ Grating Solver Development ]
A Diffraction Grating Analysis Tool
HASL    [ Hypothesis Software ]
The Hypothetical Active Site Lattice
HITRAN database    [ Ontar ]
HIgh-resolution TRANsmission molecular absorption database
Simulating Water Flow and Solute Transport in Two-Dimensional
HYFRAN(HYdrological FRequency ANalysis)    [ Water Resource Publications, LLC. ]
Including a number of mathematical tools for the statistical analysis of extre me events
HYMOS    [ WL | Delft Hydraulics ]
The information system for water resources management in general
Internet Scene Assembler    [ ParallelGraphics ]
Allows for the creation of dynamic 3D applications for the Web
Internet Space Builder    [ ParallelGraphics ]
Design 3D models for the Web from scratch.
LinkCAD    [ Bay Technology ]
All-in-One Converter, the powerful CAD translator
Mandrake Linux 9.2 ProSuite    [ MandrakeSoft ]
The all-in-one solution that allows small and medium businesses to rapidly deploy a powerfu l network
Mass Spec Tools    [ ChemSW ]
A suite of programs for predicting and interpreting mass spectral data
Match Agency BiZ    [ Datetopia.com ]
Ultimate matchmaking software supporting registration of personal, couple and agency accounts
A Windows application for FEM data pre-processing and generating triangular meshesnal
MODFLOW    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic ]
3D Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling
MojoClassifieds    [ Tela IT Inc. ]
Universal classified ad management and listing solution
MORITZ    [ White Rock Science ]
An Interactive Geometry Editor/Viewer for MCNP & MCNPX
MStudio BandLab    [ Princeton Technology Software, Inc ]
Electronic Structure Calculator for Windows
NOZZLE PRO    [ Chempute Software ]
Finite Element Analysis of Nozzles, Saddles, Pipe Shoes and Clips
Odesys Charts    [ ODESYS ]
A set of chart components, applets and utility classes
OOPIC Pro    [ Tech-X Corporation ]
Plasma and Charged Particle Simulation
<oXygen/>    [ SyncRO Soft Ltd. ]
XML Editor and XSLT Debugger
Paraxia-Plus    [ SCIOPT ]
Laser resonator and beam propagation software
PCAAD    [ Antenna Design Associates, Inc. ]
A Windows-compatible antenna analysis, modeling, and design software package
PC-Grate    [ International Intellectual Group, Inc. ]
The modeling of diffraction gratings efficiency for spectroscopy, astronomy, telecommunications, photolithogra phy, and research development
PC-ORD    [ MjM@Software@Design ]
Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data
A PC-based Monte Carlo program for calculating patient doses in medical x-ray examinations
PHA-Pro    [ Dyadem International Ltd. ]
Hazards Analysis Tool
PLM2C    [ Alternative Solutions ]
PL/M to C Translator
plusFORT    [ Polyhedron Software ]
A Toolkit for Fortran programmers
Pocket Cortona    [ ParallelGraphics ]
3D browser for viewing local and online VRML scenes on wireless devices
PowerCADD    [ Engineered Software ]
The CAD with a One-Day Learning Curve
Prof-UIS    [ FOSS Software, Inc. ]
MFC extension library that enables you to deliver Windows applications with a professional and user-friendly interface.
QUASES-ARXPS    [ QUASES Tougaard Inc. ]
Determination of Surface Nano-structures by analysis of angle resolved XPS or AES
QuickFringe    [ Diffraction Limited ]
For extracting quantitative wavefront accuracy measurements from a laser interferogram
RasterMaster    [ SNOWBOUND ]
Imaging Tools for Developers
RBCATier    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
Fast and eacy 2-D groundwater flow and biodegradation modeling
RemediationToolKit    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
The complete package dor evaluating and visualizing monitored natural attenuation data
RenameMan    [ Extrbit Software ]
Rename files, quickly and easily
Resin    [ Caucho Technology ]
The fastest servlets and JSP
RISC WorkBench    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
The new standard for human health risk assessment for contaminated sites
RockWorks    [ Rockware,Inc. ]
Integrated geological data management, analysis, and visualization program
SIDX    [ Bruxton Corporation ]
For scientific CCD camera users who want full access to the capabilities of their cameras
SimDiff    [ EnSoft Corp ]
Automatically find differences between Simulink models.
A Single Electron Device and Circuit Simulator
Simulation Studio    [ eyeWyre Corporation ]
Interactive, realtime, 3D simulation. Simulation of popular robots
Software for Dating    [ Datetopia.com ]
Online Matchmaking Services Script w. Videochat, Social Networking, Blogs, Events.
SPICE CREATOR    [ Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc. ]
Schematic Capture and Circuit Simulation
Split-Desktop    [ Split Engineering ]
Image analysis software in the mining industry
STISIM Drive    [ Systems Technology Inc. ]
Interactive Driving Simulator Software
Surfer    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
A 2D contouring and surface plotting program
TopSPICE/Win32    [ Penzar Development ]
An affordable integrated computer-aided circuit design software package
ToxTools    [ Cytel Software Corporation ]
Software for Dose Response Analysis, Benchmark Dose Estimation and Risk Assessment
Trainersoft    [ Trainersoft Corporation ]
The Fastest, Easiest way to Create E-Learning
TriSolver    [ TriSolver Consulting ]
A powerful tool for solution development and innovation management
TYCOON Server    [ Navori SA ]
Software platform that provides a complete Digital Signage management system.
UNIFIT    [ Universita Leipzig ]
An Universal Program for XPS Peak Fitting under WINDOWS
Visual MODFLOW    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
The proven standard for professional 3D groundwater flow and contaminant
Visual Objects    [ GrafX Software Development Tools, Inc. ]
Object-Oriented Client/Server Development
VisualPEST-ASP    [ Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc. ]
Graphical model-independent parameter estimation
VrmlPad    [ ParallelGraphics ]
Professional VRML editor
WordFAST    [ Yves Champollion ]
A Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac

many others

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