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Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha
 Thermodynamic Database
Malt for Windows
Materials-oriented Little Thermodynamic Database for PC
Copyright MALT Group / Published by Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha

The thermodynamic database MALT2 has been developed by the thermodynamic database working group. The original version of MALT2 has been designed for Japanese, and it works only under Japanese MS-DOS. Since there is increasing demand for English/Windows version of MALT, the MALT group has developed the new MALT for Windows.

MALT for Windows Main Features

  1) The collection of chemical thermodynamic data:

Enthalpy change
Gibbs energy change for formation
Entropy at 298.15 K
Heat capacities
Enthalpy change for phase transition

mainly of inorganic compounds (4931 species)
List of compounds collected in MALT

  2) Retrieval is made in terms of

(a) the chemical formula of compounds to be retrieved.
(b) the elements consisting the system to be considered.


  3) Target databases

MALT allows users to handle their own data in users data file.

  4) Calculation facilities and combined software

MALT has fundamental facilities of its own.

To show a thermodynamic table

To show a table for thermochemical properties associated with a chemical reaction

  setting a reaction

  various constants for the reaction

MALT is combined with advanced calculation software, gem and CHD

Algorithm used in gem [PDF 126K] You can also find it in gem Manual.

gem for calculating chemical equilibria


CHD for constructing chemical potential diagrams
CHD has been revised to provide more generalized diagrams than before.
Opearation Image [585K]    Opearation Image2 [678K]


  5) MALT Direct

Interface with other software can be made through a special function of "MALT Direct". This is used to communicate with gem / CHD or with user's program written in Delphi.

  6) Comprehensive Manuals

  Downloadable Manuals
  MALT Manual [PDF / 2516KB]
  gem Manual [PDF / 520KB]
  CHD Manual [PDF / 3065KB]
  Appendix/For Setup Pourbaix Diagrams [PDF / 705KB]

  7) Hardware/Software Requirements

Windows PC : Windows98, 2000, Me, XP, VISTA, Windows7/8/10
  *NOTE* <NT> can not be used.
30 Megabytes available in its Harddisk
An available USB slot: The program MALT is copy-protected by USB dongle.

  8) Price

MALT prices have been changed since May 2015. New Prices [PDF]

There is no change in the software, but you can buy additional 1 dongle at additional charge. Also academic discount has been available.

The users who bought MALT before March 31, 2015 can buy the additional dongle at special prices. Please contact us with your MALT serial number.

For quotation or inquiry, please contact us..

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