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Main Products

Magnetic Fluid
The mysterious fluid is attracted by magnets. It is widely used for rotating shaft seals, dampers or sensors.
Sigma Hi-Chemical is one of the rare companies in the world that willingly provide magnetic fluid alone.

Colloid for Ferromagnetic Material's Domain
Ferromagnetic material such as steel is a collection of small, randomly arranged magnets, or magnetic domains.
Using the colloids, clear geometrical patterns of domains can be seen. They are applicable to hard or soft magnetic materials, also to magnetic solids or films.

Developer for Magnetic Records
Magnetically recorded signals on a medium are aligned systematically on a track. They are invisible, as a matter of course, but when using our Colloids they are visualized to details. And you may see beautiful colors caused by interference of light on the surface.

Magnetic Viewer
Today, it may be difficult to think of daily life without magnetic cards or magnetic tickets. The Viewer offers outstanding performance to inspection of these magnetic media and machines.
Just putting it on a card, the magnetic codes appear on the screen.