ターボ・オプテックス 株式会社

Turbo-Optechs Inc.
1-8-313 Wakabadai Asahi-ku Yokohama City
Kanagawa Pref. Japan Zip 241-0801
TEL.81-45-520-4052 FAX.81-45-922-9561


Turbo-Optechs Inc. has been established Nov. 1997 for assistance of Researchers in Universities , National Institutes , and Industrial R&D Labs, in the application and purchase of goods related to [Laser Spectrography, Analytical Chemistry and Photochemistry].

Traditional representative agency in Japan has been keeping good customer satisfactions for imported high-technology products with full service support, however, it has sometimes pushed to give customers too high cost even for simple materials (e.g. Optical parts, mechanics, expendable supplies, etc.).

Recently, Information of forefront technology has been known through Internet, on the other hand, Products and Optical goods are quickly delivered to worldwide customers like as domestic by international delivering company (FedEx, DHL etc.). From these situations, the simple materials should be sold in Japan less than around 120% of the list price even including other cost, while many of them are often sold more than 180%.

Turbo-Optechs Inc. is aiming assistance of researchers for both sides as follows.

  1. As a representative with full service and support. TOI is dedicating to keep the customers' satisfactions for Laser, Optronics, Spectroscopy with enough support (Installation, repair and other service).

  2. As an Interface board. TOI is assisting researchers for direct importing from foreign high-tech. manufacturer with the lowest cost. And TOI is keeping informing the latest technology to researchers. TOI will also find suitable customers in Japan for foreign Venture Companies with forefront technology.
    Takashi (Turbo) Fujii Personality

I received a Master Degree of Science from Tokyo Inst. Technology and moved to investigate in Institute for Molecular Science. I experienced several laser systems for linear and non-linear Raman spectroscopy. After that, I have been in the Laser business for nearly 22years beginning at Spectra-Physics (17 years) and moving Hoya-Continuum (4 years).
"Turbo" is my nickname after my energetic? reaction , because many of my US friends claimed difficulty of pronunciation of Takashi. Turbo also resembles pronunciation Ta-bo in Japanese for kid's nickname.
I would like to dedicate laser business for my life and named my daughter "Leisa" after Laser, which is written by Chinese characters meaning "Beautiful Silk".