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Version Information
Current Version : MALT : Ver.1.0 CHD : Ver.1.01 gem : Ver.1.01
13/April/2012 Correction of MALT manual

<Modified Contents>
About user data input.

25/May/2004 gem Version 1.01 Released

<Modified Contents>
When gem saves a project file, it happens that the item PPinitial and TMR in the file contain uninitialized values(-1) and it causes the error message:"" is not a valid floating point value when it is opened.
This is corrected as to replace -1 with the initial value 0. The files saved by previous version of gem can be opened now.

There is nothing to do with the calculation result made so far.

10/May/2004 CHD Version 1.01 Released

<Modified Contents(1)>
In CHD, windows such as Chemical Potential Table, Graph Inspecter can be docked(*) into CHD main window. However it was not possible and caused fatal error in the previous version. This is due to an error in final compilation process whch is done by another person other than the programmer of CHD. This error has been corrected.

(*)For example Chemical Potential Table window can be a part of CHD main window when the window's top bar is dragged to the right-top or left-bottom of the display rectangle of CHD main window.

<Modified Contents(2)>
In some cases, Help file is not found when the help button in dialog boxes is clicked. This is corrected.

26/March/2004 MALT First Version Released
MALT : Ver.1.0 CHD : Ver.1.0 gem : Ver.1.0
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