3-9-12 Miyamaedaira, Miyamae-ku Kawasaki city
216-0006 Japan
TEL 81-44-861-0202
FAX 81-44-861-0121
e-mail : info@hoshin-el.co.jp

+++ About Us
Established 1980

President Yutaka Yoribayashi

Hoshin has been developing various kinds of CAMAC or NIM modules for more than 20 years. Some of their modules have been remarkably installed in Fermi Accelerator Center and Tristan Development Project in Japanese KEK.

+++ Product Examples-CAMAC MODULES
    Japanese English
C001 CAMAC Crate Controller (CCP-F) PDF PDF
CCP-PCI CAMAC Crate Controller Interface for PCI PDF PDF
CCP-USB CAMAC Crate Controller Interface for USB PDF  
CCP-USB (V2) CAMAC Crate Controller Interface for USB (Ver.2) PDF  
C002 Dataway Indicator PDF  
C003 Switch Display Register PDF  
C004 Output Register PDF PDF
C005 Input Register PDF PDF
C006 8ch 200MHz Time to Digital Converter PDF  
C007 8ch ADC PDF  
C008 16ch Peak Hold ADC PDF PDF
C009 16ch Charge Sensitive ADC PDF  
C009H 16ch Charge Sensitive ADC(fast 14bit)    
C011 4ch Peak Hold ADC(Wilkinson) PDF  
C013 8ch DAC PDF  
C019 ADC Tester PDF  
C021 16ch Time to Digital Converter PDF PDF
C022 Multichannel Scaler PDF  
C026 16ch 120 MHz Counter PDF  
C027 Multi hit TDC PDF PDF
+++ Product Examples-NIM MODULES
    Japanese English
N002 8ch+8ch NIM-TTL Level Converter PDF PDF
N003 4input-4ch Linear Sum Amp PDF PDF
N004 8input 4ch Linear Sum Amp PDF PDF
N005 16input-2ch Sum Amp PDF PDF
N006 8input-4ch Linear Mixer PDF  
N007 4input-4ch Fan In/Out PDF  
N008 4ch Discriminator PDF  
N009 105nsec Fixed Delay PDF  
N010 50MHz Clock Generator PDF  
N011 8ch Divider PDF  
N012 4ch Shaper Amp PDF  
N013 16ch NIM-ECL Level Converter PDF  
N014 2ch Gate Generator PDF PDF
N015 4ch Timing Filter Amp Lifier PDF  
N016 16ch Shaper Amp PDF  
N017 4ch Fold Coincidence PDF  
N018 12ch Photo-Multiplier Amp PDF  
N019 8ch Discriminator PDF PDF
N020 8ch DC Amp PDF  
N022 8ch Variable Logic Delay PDF  
N023 6ch Dicriminator PDF PDF
N024 8ch 2Fold Coincidence PDF  
N025 8ch LED Driver PDF PDF
N027 16ch Discriminator PDF PDF
N028 3input-8ch Coincidence PDF  
N029 8ch TAC PDF  
N030 4ch Constant Fraction Discriminator PDF  
N031 Charge Interlock PDF  
N032 Attenuator PDF  
N033 NIM Extender PDF  
N034 I/F Converter PDF  
N035 16ch LVDS/NIM Converter PDF PDF
N036 12ch PMT Amp. (AC coupled)    
N037 2ch Cable Delay (100ns) PDF  
N038 1ch Shaper Amp.    
N040 2ch Clock Generator    
N042 Delay Amp. PDF  
+++ Product Examples-VME BUS MODULES
    Japanese English
V002 VME Indicator PDF  
V003 Switch Display    
V004 150MHz Scaler PDF  
V006 8ch PHADC PDF  
V007 CCP-VME Interface PDF  
V011 16ch OUTPUT Register PDF  
V012 16ch INPUT Register PDF  
V014 VME 16ch PHADC PDF  
V015 VME 8ch 200MHz TDC PDF  
V016 VME 2ch 200MHz PHADC    

The orders for customizing the modules are welcome.
Please contact info@hoshin-el.co.jp